Our Service

With a team of creatives at O.F.F, we are determined to provide only quality content to meet any of your creative aspirations. Our team consist of award-winning directors, writers, producers, editors, animators, visual effects artist and designers.

Our core service includes but not limited to:

Strategic brand management
O.F.F provides comprehensive brand services that builds and manage brand equity. With a team of scholars and experts, O.F.F offers research and analysis, building of brand architecture, brand management and communication services.

International Co-Production
With an international and experienced team, O.F.F has a good track record in international co-production. We will also help to take care of all paperwork required for production while bridging the gap between international and Chinese filmmakers.

Production Service
O.F.F provides comprehensive pre-production services, professional crew, quality filming equipment to ensure the high production value. This includes filming in China for international filmmakers and vice versa.

Show, don’t tell! At O.F.F, we believe that film is visual and the audience should be able to experience it cinematically. Our eye for details and storytelling will help to ensure that the video conveys what you want.

VFX & Animation
Our team of VFX artist and animators are constantly learning to be at the top of the game. Experience and trustworthy, they are determined to provide high-quality work.